Cassowary Coast 4-Day Sea Kayak

The Barnard Island Group is the traditional 'sea country' of the local Mamu Aboriginal people.  It lies 5 to 10 km offshore, 90 km south of Cairns in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.  The island archipelago features outstanding rock formations and diverse landforms, including shallow reefs, sand spits, beaches and dense rainforest-clad slopes. They also host important seabird rookeries.

 Escape on a tropical island holiday where you'll sea kayak, snorkel, camp in comfort, relax & have fine dining.

 Your gourmet menu packed for the tropical island kayaking holiday.

day 1

Kayak Kurrimine Beach to Stephens Island

An 8am courtesy shuttle from Cairns takes us to Kurrimine Beach.  Upon arrival, have a bite to eat for morning tea while your lead guide briefs you on the day’s paddle.  Learn the fine art of kayak packing, we eat lunch then bon-voyage.  Today’s destination is Stephens Island, a seabird rookery, in the South Barnard Group.  We embark on an 8km, 2/3 hour paddle over the shallows of King Reef where we hope to spot turtles, dugongs, dolphins and other marine life.  On arrival we set up camp, explore the island and snorkel along the fringing reefs.  If time and conditions permit, we may take a short paddle around both Stephens Island and the adjoining Sisters Island before returning to camp to prepare a meal and enjoy supper under the stars.

Average paddling time: 2/3 hours
✧ Distance: 8km

Meals: lunch & dinner

day 2

Kayak Stephens Island to Kent Island

Wake to the sound of the waves breaking on the coral beach.  This morning we will kayak an 8km, 2/3 hour inter-island paddle from Stephens Island to Kent Island in the North Barnard Group.  This is our best chance of encountering humpback whales, not to mention other marine life as we will be the furthest from the mainland on this stretch of our journey.  On arrival at Kent Island we set up camp, prepare lunch and recover.  Before our evening meal there are opportunities to observe the abundant wildlife, snorkel around fringing coral reefs or just relax on the coral beach and take in the remote pristine surrounds.  We will watch the sunset, with a drink in one hand and cheese and crackers to nibble on before a hearty dinner.  The view to the West is often quite stunning as the sun goes down over the nearby islands. 

Average paddling time: 2/3 hours
✧ Distance: 8km
✧ Meals: all meals provided

 Kayak to a tropical paradise, spend time to relax & snorkel.  

 Get ready to take the plunge for a island swim or snorkel.
 Explore the islands by kayak at your leisure, spot birdlife & marine life.

day 3

Explore Kent & neighbouring islands

No need to pack down tents and squeeze everything back into your kayak today!  We spend the day exploring Kent and the surrounding islands (Jessie and Hutchinson) on foot and by kayak.  The day features environmental interpretations, good food and leisure.  Kent Island itself offers sheltered snorkelling right from your tent site, or if you’re feeling energetic a steep 45 minute climb through tropical rainforest to a modern red and white lighthouse on an historically interesting site. Retire early, you’ll need a good rest for our biggest day of paddling tomorrow.

Average paddling time: TBD
✧ Distance: TBD
✧ Meals: all meals provided

day 4

Kayak Kent Island to Etty Bay

A 6am start allows us to enjoy our final tropical island breakfast and pack kayaks in the cool of the morning.  A campsite check and we’re back on the water paddling to Etty Bay.  Kayak up close and personal to the salt crusted rocky islands (including Bresnahan and Lindquist Island) and pass the occasional coral bombie. On our Island hop back to the mainland we’ll find a sheltered place to lunch, then sticking to open water far from typical Crocodylus porosus habitat, we take a wide berth of Mourilyan Harbour and the Moresby River mouth. We hope to catch a sweet tailwind along the forested coastline back into the picturesque end destination of our kayaking adventure - Etty Bay.  Wash the salt off in the hot showers, enjoy a café brew before helping to load gear and kayaks onto the trailer.  Jump into the vehicle for your transfer back to Cairns late afternoon. 

Average paddling time: 5 hour
✧ Distance: 16km
✧ Meals: breakfast & lunch

 A Cassowary bird pays a visit on arrival back to the Queensland mainland after 4 tremendous tropical island days out kayaking.

 Wake to sunrise over sea, then the tropical kayaking adventure continues for the fourth day on one of Queensland's most spectacular coastlines.


  • Min 4 / max 9 guests
  • Camping in tents

whats included

  • Guide
  • Transfers from/to Cairns
  • Sea kayaks
  • All meals including snacks
  • Tents / sleeping mats / group gear
  • National Parks fees


Per guest GST incl.
Discount group rates available